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Health resorts in Goergia


Daba (small town) Ureki is a seaside climatic resort on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. The climate here is subtropical with dy warm winter and hot summer. Depth of sea is small on long distances from the shore what is especially advantageous for small children. Beach sand of this resort contains vast amount of magnetite particles. The universality of the resort is conditioned by the presence of the natural high magnetic field. Summer season in Ureki begins from June and lasts untill mid-September. 

Bakhmaro is a beautiful mountainous resort located in Western Guria. It is at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level. From the high mountain slopes you can have a view on all over Guria, Imereti part, half of Samegrelo and Abkhazia over the Black Sea. Resort Bakhmaro is the highest among the resorts of Georgia. The resort offers its visitors the mixture of sea and high mountain climate air that is beneficial for people with respiratory problems. Its climate has a curative influence on the lungs, peritonitis, malaria and secondary anemia. Red blood cells increase and accordingly, haemoglobin level also increases.
Nunisi has been long known for its medicinal mineral (balneology) waters. The climate and air of the resort is especially beneficial for those who suffer from skin deseases and diseases caused by nervous disorder. Nunisi resort has been functioning since 1856. Visitors can drink Zvare mineral water as well. Zvare water balances low acidity.
In spring when pines and fir-tree bloom Nunisi air has amazing curative effect. At this time Nunisi climate is especially helpful for lungs and bronchial system. Nunisi will also provide aesthetic therapy. Wonderful nature will make you heathier and more peaceful. 
Sairme is a balneological-climatic resort situated 55 km from Kutaisi at the altitude of 915-950 metres above sea level. The resort is distinguished by coniferous and deciduous forests and mountain climate as well as medicinal, mineral and thermal waters. For several decades it has been a major resort zone. 
Shovi is situated in Upper Racha, 25 kilometres from the town of Oni. With sky-scraping corniferous woods, alpine meadows, high mountains and snowy glaciers surrounded by a hollow. Pine forest, fresh air and pure mountain rivers make you peaceful. Compared to other resorts of Georgia Shovi is much younger. 
Borjomi is a resort town in south-east Georgia at the altitude of 850 m. above sea level. It is surrounded by cornifeous and deciduous woods and because of that summer is quite cool. Borjomi is famous for its worldwide known mineral water which has curative effect on the stomach and intestines.
Tskaltubo is a versatile resort in west-central Georgia. It is famous for its radon-carbonate mineral springs. Tskaltubo waters have incomparable curative properties and their natural temperature of 33–35 °C enables the water to be used without preliminary heating. These waters can cure nearly 60 deseases. 
Abastumani resort is included in the dry resorts type. Valley almost vertical slopes are covered by corniferous woods, dominated by pine. Air temperature and air pressure variation in Abastumani is insignificant. It is not hot at daytime, in the evening it is chill. Maximum temperature of air is 37°C, minimum – -32°C. For the thermal waters it is considered as the climate-balneology resort. 
For special climate charasteristics, Surami is one of the major resorts in Georgia since 1926. The climate is moderately humid, known for moderately cold winters. Surami is surrounded by forest, which is the precondition for fresh air. It is especially important climate for children who suffer from respiratory deseases. It has the ability to increase the immunity of the organism and is recommended for treating tuberculosis. Surami is distinguished by its beautiful nature. The town is surrounded with corniferous and leaved trees and shrubs, most of corniferous plants are artificially planted. 

Beshumi is the mountain and balneological resort. It is Khulo region, at an altitude of 1930 metres above sea level, near Goderdzi Pass area. The mainc factor of the healing is the transparency of the air and low humidity, ultra-violet sunbeams, good drinking and mineral waters, rich natural environment. 



We also have tours in Georgia's health resorts, in case of interest you can choose a resort where you want to stay, we will help you with safe and comfortable relaxation with our high class service

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PRICES ARE PER PERSON IN A HOTEL ROOM<br /> FOR THE EVENT AND INCLUDE <ul> <li>transfers</li> <li>guide service</li> <li>Comfortable hotel room</li> <li>traditional cuisine once every day</li> <li>journey by comfortable mini-bus</li> <li>travel insurance gift from our company</li> </ul> In the case of group tour, there will be a decrease in prices

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We also have tours in Georgia&#39;s health resorts, in case of interest you can choose a resort where you want to stay, we will help you with safe and comfortable relaxation with our high class service

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