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Adventure Tour in Goergia


Receive a group in Tbilisi international airport by a representative of "G&T Georgia" 
the group meets with the guide at the hotel accompanying them to start 
the program.

Day1.Tour in Night Tbilisi
DAY2. Tour: Tbilisi – Okatse canyon￾Martvili
DAY3. Tour: palace of Dadiani
- Katskhi column
DAY4. Tour: Sataplea – Tbilisi
Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights
Overnight: 2 nights in Tbilisi
MARTVILI- 1 night
KUTAISI- 1 night

DAY2. Tour:Tbilisi-Okatse
Canyon-Martvili Canyon

Okatse Canyon

There are rather large box-trees on the limeston coast of the canyon. The sides of the ravine are covered by shrubbery. 
The curved path going down the canyon to the very bottom. Here the width of the canyon and stone bridge is not 
more than 4 meters, while the depth of it is 50 meters. The canyon is of 2 kilometres long and it is still unexplored. 
Down Boga (one of the natural stone bridges) the canyon depth increases and reaches to 100 meters.

The canyon is located in the ravine of the river Okatse. This river is 14 kilometers long; the width of the canyon is 3 to 6 or 15 to 20 meters in different places and the depth is 20 to 100 meters varying here and there. There are several waterfalls and lakes. One of the lakes called Oskhapo is 60 meters long. There are a few natural stone bridges over the river Okatse, one of them is called Boga. There are also several caves in the canyon out from which karst waters come out.   


Martvili Canyon


The canyon in the village Gachedili is located on the river Abasha. This canyon is 2400 meters long and 20-40 meters deep. There is a waterfall of 12 meters height in the middle of the canyon. Petrified bones of animals that lived some 75 mln years ago are preserved here in the canyon. This is the third discovered place in the world where the remains of prehistoric animals are presented in such a large amount. 

Day3.Tour:Palace of 
Dadiani-Katskhi Column


Palace of Dadiani

Queen’s Palace was reconstructed by the German architect Edwig Jacob Rice in the 60-ies of the XIX century, before that this palace belonged to Pupi, sister of the Prince of Samegrelo, Davit Dadiani. Rice build archs on the second floor and also build wide outbuildings.
Niko’s Palace is built in 80-ies of the
XIX century by the Russian architect Leonid Vasiliev. This is the two-storey residence. It is adorned by the stone balcony and the largest ballroom in Georgia.
The museum was founded in April, 1921 on the basis of treasure-house of Davit Dadiani and Georgian antiquities taken from churches and monasterიes of Mingrelia.


Katskhi Column

Katskhi – village in the municipality of Chiatura located on the bank of the river Katskhura on the road of Chiatura-Zetsafoni. Katskhi is the community centre which includes several other villages such as Big Katskhi, Etseri, Mordzgveti, Navardzeti, Salieti, Jokoeti. Katskhi is located at an elevation of 610 meters above sea level. 11 kilometres from Chiatura. This village is first mentioned in historical sources in XI century. In the sources of  late feudal epoch we read about “Katskhi Fortress” which was first under the royal authority, then beginning from 60-ies of XVII century the fortress belonged to Georgian feudal family the Abashidze, but from 50-ies of XVIII century it was placed under the rule of royal authority again. Ruins of the fortress are seen on the right bank of the river Katskhura. In the centre of the village there is Katskhi Monastery of Nativity of the Saviour which dates back to X-Xi centuries



Sataplia – Dinosaur footprints found in Sataplia cave date back tens of thousands million years earlier. The cave is named after Mt. Sataplia (494 m), an extinct volcano, which is now the Nature Preserve. “Sataplia” means “honey place” in Georgian. The naming is related to the fact that in ancient times wild bees nested in numerous hollows of these caves and the primitive people were used to treat themselves to honey there. Sataplia is a karst cave with transparent stalactites and stalagmites.In Sataplia Preserve there is a unique forest which occupies 500 hectars. You will see dinosaur tracks here, conservation building for preserving dinosaur tracks; you will enjoy breathtaking views of Kutaisi from an observation deck with a transparent floor; you will visit the cave which is 900 metres long and you will find beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. The karst cave is equipped with backlight and acoustic system that increases its natural beauty.


The name “Tbilisi” derives from old Georgian word “tbili” which means “warm”. This name (literally “warm location”) was given to the city because of the area’s numerous sulphuric hot springs that came out of the ground. According to the old legend King Vakhtang I Gorgasali  went hunting to the woods with a falcon. His falcon caught a pheasent after which both birds fell into the hot spring and died from burns. The king was fascinated with the features of those springs and gave order to cut down the woods and build a city on the location. Tbilisi is located in the south Caucasus at 41° 40’ North Latitude and 44° 47’ Eastern Longitude. The city lies in eastern Georgia on both banks of the river Mtkvari. The elevation of the city ranges from 380-770 meters above sea level. It has the shape of an amphitheatre surrounded by mountains on three sides. 




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